SBL36– Facebook’s Response to Covid-19 and Its Benefits to You

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Information is as relevant as the time it is delivered. At Sycamore Business Lab, we take this to heart. In dealing with the economic fallout caused by the COVID-19, many small businesses are migrating to continue sales and operations online since they cannot be in their physical store outlets or afford to make physical contact with their customers. In addition to making this migration easier, seamless and worth it, Facebook came up with an amazing solution to this and was launched on the 19th of May, 2020. They called it “Facebook Shops”.

What is Facebook Shop?

The Facebook shop is a new online shopping experience. Facebook Shop would be the first mobile shopping experience where businesses can easily create an online store on Facebook and that links together, a user’s Instagram and WhatsApp account.

The Facebook page shops allow its users to have a Facebook page and also add a Facebook page shop with a checkout feature. The Facebook page with checkout lets you as a user list product for customers to browse through and make a purchase through clicks without being directed to a different website. The gospel is: any and every business can have a Facebook page shop. As suggested by Facebook, this feature best serves retail and e-commerce advertisers, and well recommended for businesses selling apparel, accessories, home furniture’s, clothing and kid’s products, etc. nevertheless, every other type of business can effectively use the Facebook page shop to reach out to more customers.

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In meeting the requirements to own a Facebook page shop, the user’s Facebook page must:

1. Sell physical items

2. Agree with the Facebook merchant terms

The steps are as simple as the requirements also. All you need to do is click here to create a page.

Benefits of the Facebook page shop to your business

1. Continuity.

In its own way, the Facebook page shops promise continuity to an extent. This is because business owners do not need to worry much any longer about whether or not their business would still be in operation as a result of not being present at their physical stores. Now every business can open a Facebook page shop and still reach out to their customers and even a wider range of potential customers with little or no cost at all and without physical contact while they are at it.

2. Increased sales and conversion rates.

The Facebook page shops have now made shopping online really easy and seamless by allowing customers to shop carefully chosen and thoughtfully organised product collections without needing to leave Facebook or Instagram. Not forgetting to mention, the Facebook page shops increases a business’s conversion rates and sales because it links Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp all together, therefore increasing your reach to customers. Anything you don on one app automatically reflects on every other linked app.

3. Product demonstration.

Facebook page shop gives you as a business owner, the chance to demonstrate your product live on the Instagram application and Facebook also, with the hope to make and increase your sales while you’re at it. It also gives customers the chance to make live purchase of products. To top it all, businesses now have the chance to tell their stories to everyone.

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4. Unlimited storage.

Owning a Facebook page shop as a business and a user, allows you to add as many products as possible. There’s no limit to how man products you can add. This means as a user, Facebook gives you the opportunity to display your whole store to your customers for free. No rent, nothing. And just like the dream of any store owner, you now have an unlimited space to do this.

5. Customer feedback and performance measure.

In every business, customer feedback and communication is important because this is what the business uses to tell what exactly the customers need and then take necessary steps to meet these demands accurately. Customer feedback and communication is also used to measure business performance in the eyes of the market. Facebook page shops, allows customers to message a page directly with questions and feedback.

6. Insight and supervision.

Facebook page shops give businesses insights. This means the business owner or Facebook page shop user can see views, clicks and purchases for each of their products. As a user, you still get the feel of satisfaction of monitoring the customer’s activities with the business, as though they were there with their customers.

Concluding thoughts

Setting up a full online shopping experience is now in our palms, in our phones, and its use or what can be achieved with it cannot be overemphasised. Overcoming sales and some business difficulties during the pandemic just got easier.

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