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Happiness isn’t only derived from acquiring wealth or satisfying needs and achievements. It is also derived by cultivating certain habits that build you internally because there would always be a never-ending need to acquire more. Money shouldn’t be sought after at the expense of your well-being, but rather for your well-being.

Take for instance this poll carried out by First Republic Investment Management on what matters most to Americans in 2017. When parents were asked of the most important thing they want to pass to their heirs, they chose moral values over money. See a chart of the survey below:

Source: First Republic/IPSOS Poll — April 2017

In this article, we would share with you a few other things beyond money.

3 Things Worth Cherishing Beyond Money

1. Family network:

According to USAID (United States Agency International Development), there are 17.5million orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) in Nigeria. UNICEF further gives a global estimate of 19million people displaced from their homes, Nigeria inclusive and 1.9million of these displaced population are in the Northern part of Nigeria, 60% of which are children under the age of 5.

This means that only a fair population of people are born into a family. As we grow, we choose our own family and call friends. Through this family of friends, we get connected. It doesn’t stop there. We go separate ways as individuals to then make our own family with whom we call a partner. There are moments in our lives that cannot be priced, and these moments make up memories we keep and share. Memories help us connect with ourselves, remind us of who we truly are and hope to be, as much as help heal internally. Shared memories help us connect with other people and widen our network. This cannot be priced.

2. Personal time:

Personal time should not be underestimated. In the search of money, making ends meet and fulfilling purpose, personal time comes in to balance the conflict between mental health and achievement track record. Your mental health is important because, with that, one can achieve even more seamlessly. Develop a habit or habits that could help keep your mental health stable. It could be playing a sport, watching one or a movie if preferred, listening to music, writing, etc. something positive that could help keep you distracted from all the hustle, and equally build you at the same time (challenge yourself to grow).

3. Self-value:

Self-value is basically what opinion you have about yourself, and what values you place on yourself. How self-values can be considered as something not worth losing to money and achievements, or beyond them is quite straight forward. Self-values/principles/manners make man, not money, not achievements. Lose it and one might have as well acquired a lot wrongfully. Placing or prioritizing one’s self-worth over money helps even better to acquire much, but this time with outlined principles that help to manage better, everything acquired. Self-values or principles help us stay watchful of not losing ourselves during the course of chasing after anything be it money or your dreams.

Concluding Thoughts

Rather than spend a lifetime going after money, why not spend better times with what’s priceless? Spend time with family and loved ones, recreate the good memories, spend time with yourself, read, grow, develop that you may attract money itself. That alone is an achievement itself. Make memories with people so when you are ever alone, you are really not alone. Sycamore cares.

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